About Us

We're glad to meet you here.

I’m Thangarasu, who is behind CoolURL. An IT consultant by profession, blogger by passion, and business visionary.

I share my experiences and the resources that helped me simplify my digital life and help other marketers and startups.

Being a digital marketer, I always wanted to measure the results of whatever I do in the digital world, so I used many tools and services to manage my daily routine, but certain areas needed custom functions to manage things effectively, hence the birth of CoolURL.

We are a small, realistic, and enthusiastic team comprised of seasoned professionals from a variety of backgrounds - ranging from technology to finance and business development. We understand the importance of staying connected and building relationships in today’s competitive environment, so we strive to bring together individuals who can help each other grow professionally and personally.

Our core values

  • Result driven
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Simplicity
  • Passion
  • Quality
  • Innovation

What is CoolURL?

CoolURL is an innovative platform designed to help businesses and individuals create, manage, and track links. It helps you to improve the look of your URLs by replacing long and complicated ones to short with your own custom branded ones. This makes it easier for customers to remember, share, and access your content. CoolURL is not just limited with url shortener but also has QR codes, Bio Pages, Branded link and more.

It provides detailed tracking and analytics so that you can measure the success of each link over time. Additionally, CoolURL integrates with various marketing automation tools so that you can easily integrate your links into campaigns or promotions. With its simple yet effective solution, CoolURL is helping people solve their link-related problems in an efficient way.